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Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Program on School Children’s Self-Reported Well-Being: A Pilot Study Comparing Effects With An Emotional Literacy Program

(2017) Daniel A. Devcich, Grant Rix, Ross Bernay & Esther Graham

106 Students between 9 and 11 years old were allocated by their classroom to either the 8-week mindfulness-based program or an 8-week emotional literacy program. Both programs led to significant increases in well-being outcomes, but significantly greater changes were observed for the mindfulness group. Mindfulness scores significantly increased for the mindfulness group only. There was evidence of student acceptability of the mindfulness-based program and some indication of sustainability of effects at 12 weeks.

Pause, breathe, smile: a mixed-methods study of student well-being following participation in an eight-week, locally developed mindfulness program in three New Zealand schools

(2016). Auckland. Ross Bernay, Esther Graham, Daniel A Devcich, Grant Rix & Christine M Rubie-Davies. Changes in mindfulness were positively related to changes in wellbeing. The study results suggest the importance of offering mindfulness-based programmes for potential improvements in students’ wellbeing.

A study of the effects of mindfulness in five primary schools in New Zealand

(2014). Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and AUT University. Authors: Rix, G. & Bernay, R.
This study investigates the effects of an eight-week mindfulness in schools programme delivered in five primary schools in New Zealand. The participants included 126 students ranging in age from 6-11 years old and six classroom teachers.

Mindfulness as a core strategy for promoting mental health and increasing positive (flourishing) states of wellbeing

(2014). Auckland. Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. Authors: Rix,G., Bernay, R., Devich, D.A.
The growing evidence for mindfulness practice shows significant benefits for health across multiple settings. The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is interested in promoting mindfulness in education, workplaces, and healthcare settings in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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