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Acknowledging and appreciating life in each moment 

By being more mindful we recognise and overcome the many ways we get caught in worry, distraction and resistance. The calmness and clarity that result from mindfulness practice provide an important foundation for learning while nourishing social and emotional wellbeing.

This Eight-session course covers the four foundations of mindfulness. You will learn how to let go of tension and stress, focus your attention and be kinder to yourself and others.

This course is open to everyone and can be viewed online anywhere at any time.

You will also get access to:

  • Guided audio meditations for daily practice
  • Additional short videos outlining specific instructions for sitting, walking meditation and body awareness work.

What you will learn in BREATHE:

Session 1: Already here, always now
Explaining mindfulness and introducing mindful breathing meditation practice for fostering mind-body integration. Introducing the first foundation of mindfulness (awareness of body) and MEG’s framework for mindfulness practice – a useful framework for use throughout the course

Session 2: Shifting the auto-pilot
Understanding basic neuroscience and how to activate our ‘in-built’ system for calm. Deepening body awareness through body-scan meditation practice 

Session 3: Alright right now
Considering how we orient to our practice and reflecting on the importance of intention. Understanding the negativity bias and common narratives that can hijack our practice, and considering the inner and outer conditions we can foster to support a deepening sense of mindfulness

Session 4: Making space
Introducing the second foundation of mindfulness (awareness of feelings) and calming the tendency to grasp, avoid or ignore our present moment experience by employing useful daily techniques and formal meditation practices.

Session 5: Awareness, pure and simple
Understanding emotions and moods and how to self-regulate with mindfulness. Introducing the third foundation of mindfulness (awareness of mind-states) and exploring the art of resting in awareness.

Session 6: Heart in Mind
Introducing the fourth foundation of mindfulness (awareness of mind-objects), loving-kindness meditation practice and the science of kindness.

Session 7: Mind in relationship, relationships in mind
Exploring the relationship between mind, body and nature, fostering a deepening sense of contentment, connection and wonder.

Session 8: Presence – looking back while moving forward
Summarising the learning; understanding the paradox of detachment as full engagement; and refreshing the intention moving forward.

ENROL NOW: Self-paced, 24/7 access.

Please Note! Access to the MEG Online Mindfulness Course is included in the PBS Educator Certification, as the first step on the professional development pathway.

Mindfulness Course. Study Online
“Wonderful program, I can not find fault with it in any way. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of meaning and the level of professionalism. I would recommend this program to the absolute beginner and also to those who have been practising for years”.
Testimonial, previous course participant.
Mindfulness Course. Teacher Grant Rix

About the teacher

Grant Rix is the Mindfulness Education Group Training and Programmes Director, and the creator of the unique evidence-based Pause, Breathe, Smile mindfulness in schools programme. He is a leader in mindfulness training and delivery in New Zealand and teaches with wisdom and compassion. Read more about Grant.

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