• Classroom Guided Mindfulness Practice: Tuara Tōtika, Puku Ngohengohe

  • Classroom Guided Mindfulness Practice: Straight Back Soft Belly

  • Classroom Guided Mindfulness Practice: Coming Home

  • Classroom Guided Mindfulness Practice: Happy Heart

  • Short Mindful Breathing Practice (For Adults/Young Adults)

  • Brief Emotion Regulation Practice (For Adults/Young Adults)

  • Loving Kindness Practice (For Adults/Young Adults)

Breathe easy with Hikitia te Hā

Focusing on our breathing is a very helpful and basic practice for becoming more mindful. Combining it with some simple actions makes it even better.

Hikitia te Hā is a simple breathing exercise that anyone can learn. Practicing Hikitia te Hā on a daily basis with simple, open-hearted attention can help make you more aware of te hā (the breath) and be more present in each moment.

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Videos That Support Classroom Preparation

Not all lessons have recommended videos, but here are the links to videos that support classroom preparation:

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