Breathe Mindfulness Course


Welcome to the Breathe Online Mindfulness Course.
This course contains six lessons providing a brief introduction to the four foundations of mindfulness:

  1. Awareness of body
  2. Awareness of feelings
  3. Awareness of states of mind
  4. Awareness of all other phenomena

Each lesson begins and ends with a traditional karakia (contemplative prayer). A ‘one-minute breathing space’ to help centre the attention follows after the opening karakia. The main topic is explored as a tutorial followed by a guided mindfulness practice. In most cases, the guided mindfulness practice is approximately 10 minutes long, however in the first lesson it is five minutes long.

To help support your daily mindfulness practice, each of the guided practices are available as stand-alone tracks on the same page as the lesson. In most cases, the guided practice within each lesson is an edited version of the original longer practice. For instance, in lesson one the Rhythms of Breathing guided practice that you will finish with is five minutes. If you scroll down this page you will see that there are 10-minute and 15-minute versions of this practice available to support your daily mindfulness practice. Further down the page you will notice a section called ‘Additional Guided Practices’. These additional practices do not feature in the main lesson, but do support the themes explored in the lesson. You might enjoy these additional practices and so they are available to be used at your discretion.

If you have trained as a Pause, Breathe, Smile Educator, all these guided practices and additional practices are available in the members section of this website as well.

We hope you enjoy the course!

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