Be present, be calm, be kind


Breathe is an expertly taught online introduction to mindfulness course

The video lessons are easy to follow can be viewed online anywhere at any time, for up to six months.

  • Let go of tension and stress
  • Settle a busy mind and focus your attention
  • Be kinder to yourself and others



School Fundraiser

We will donate $5 to your nominated school for every purchase of the Breathe online course. 

We encourage family to get involved and learn mindfulness alongside their children by purchasing the Breathe online course.


What you will learn

Breathe Online includes guided audio meditations for daily practice and short videos outlining specific instructions for sitting, walking meditation and body awareness work.

Session 1: Already here, always now
Explaining mindfulness and introducing mindful breathing meditation practice for fostering mind-body integration. Introducing the first foundation of mindfulness (awareness of body) and MEG’s framework for mindfulness practice – a useful framework for use throughout the course.

Session 2: Shifting the auto-pilot
Understanding basic neuroscience and how to activate our ‘in-built’ system for calm. Deepening body awareness through the Breath-Body Awareness Practice

Session 3: Alright right now
Fostering the ‘Beginner’s Mind’, understanding the negativity bias and considering the power of gratitude as a support for mindfulness practice.

Session 4: Making space
Introducing the second foundation of mindfulness (awareness of feelings) and calming the tendency to grasp, avoid or ignore our present moment experience by employing useful daily techniques and formal meditation practices.

Session 5: Awareness, pure and simple
Understanding emotions and moods and how to self-regulate with mindfulness. Introducing the third foundation of mindfulness (awareness of mind-states) and exploring the art of resting in awareness.

Session 6: Heart in Mind
Introducing the fourth foundation of mindfulness (awareness of mind-objects), loving-kindness practice and the science of kindness.


Grant Rix is a leading New Zealand mindfulness programme developer and researcher. Practicing mindfulness in-depth for all his adult life, Grant is the creator of the Pause, Breathe, Smile mindfulness in schools programme and the Breathe online course. Grant is passionate about improving New Zealander’s wellbeing and supporting positive change for our tamariki (children) and rangatahi (young people).

Wonderful program, I can not find fault with it in any way. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of meaning and the level of professionalism. I would recommend this program to the absolute beginner and also to those who have been practicing for yearsBreathe participant