Pause, Breathe, Smile Educator Certification


The Mindfulness Education Group is on a mission to positively shift the emotional landscape of New Zealand children by providing online mindfulness training and training educators and health professionals to teach New Zealand’s only locally developed and researched mindfulness in schools programme: Pause, Breathe, Smile. 

There are a variety of mindfulness training programmes and organisations operating worldwide. Some of these organisations have developed as a result of sound research and focus on training people to teach a specific evidence-based mindfulness programme. The Mindfulness Education Group (MEG) is one such organisation, founded by the Pause, Breathe, Smile programme developer, and the only qualified experts in training others to teach Pause, Breathe, Smile (PBS).

MEG is committed to quality mindfulness leadership in Aotearoa/New Zealand. By training others to teach Pause, Breathe, Smile, MEG’s intention is to add mindfulness skills to the toolbox of educators and health professionals.

In addition to leading the way with our own training programmes, professional development pathways, workshops and retreats, we:

  • Promote the latest mindfulness research, with a special focus on New Zealand research, through our E-Newsletter
  • Work with researchers and academics from New Zealand Universities on unique mindfulness research projects
  • Promote best practice guidelines for mindfulness trainers operating in New Zealand
  • Engage in dialogue with New Zealand-based mindfulness trainers and researchers to ensure effective collaboration where possible
  • Promote Māori views on mindfulness (with an aspiration to engage in continued dialogue to support this area)
  • Engage with international stakeholders and organisations who are willing to support the work and mission of MEG


The Mindfulness Education Group’s modern and relevant approach to teaching mindfulness is of an international calibre. We have a thorough understanding of the research showing how mindfulness affects our bodies, minds and communities. When learning and practicing with us attendees can be confident they will receive highest quality instruction from mindfulness teachers with many years of personal practice and a lot of experience working with people from a wide range of backgrounds.

The Mindfulness Education Group (MEG) is an ethical business focused on social good. We have adopted the ‘triple bottom-line’ of supporting the wellbeing of people and planet, while generating a profit.

Grant Rix –Training and Programmes Director

Grant is a leader in mindfulness training and delivery in New Zealand. Grant has created mindfulness programmes in the health and education sectors, including the Pause, Breathe, Smile programme during his time at the Mental Health Foundation.
Grant has been practising mindfulness and meditation all of his adult life and has been teaching it to others since 2005. He has presented on mindfulness in conferences in both New Zealand and Australia and is involved in researching the effects of practising the Pause, Breathe, Smile programme in New Zealand schools.

He also has many years’ experience as a health promoter in public and mental health settings.

Grant’s modern and relevant approach to teaching mindfulness is of an international calibre. He has a thorough understanding of the research showing how mindfulness affects our bodies, minds and communities.


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Natasha Rix – Strategy and Operations Director

Natasha-Rix-Mindfulness-Meditation-TeacherTash is an inspiring, pragmatic, and skilful teacher with over 17 years dedicated mindfulness training and meditation practice experience.

In 2008 she and husband Grant Rix founded Mindful Living giving classes that are relaxed and inclusive, encouraging enquiry and personal growth.

Tash is a graduate of a unique three-year study and meditation training programme, run through the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. During this period of intensive training she lived as part of a residential mindfulness practice community from 2005 to 2007.

In addition to completing numerous periods of intensive deep retreat work, Tash continues to study with experienced teachers and attend practice retreats. Tash is committed to parenting mindfully and sharing this practical and peaceful approach with others.