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BREATHE is an easy-to-follow online mindfulness course with guided practices. Invest in your wellbeing and prioritise time for you


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Pause Breathe Smile provides professional learning and development for teachers who deliver the programme in their classrooms and incorporate its practices into their teaching. Research shows that Pause Breathe Smile increases wellbeing, reduces stress, boosts conflict resolution skills and enhances self-awareness.


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Southern Cross is committed to helping build a healthier future for all New Zealanders

Together with the Pause Breathe Smile team, we want to equip every child in New Zealand with the tools to achieve positive mind health.

The Pause Breathe Smile charitable trust is led by the same dedicated team who have been the driving force behind Pause Breathe Smile since 2013.


Mindfulness in education is working. Be part of the change.

The Mindfulness Education Group is leading the way with high-quality professional development for educators and health professionals to teach New Zealand’s only locally developed and researched school-based mindfulness programme: Pause, Breathe, Smile.

Nigel Latta

Pause, Breathe, Smile is featured in Nigel Latta's latest series The Curious Mind.

"I have seen kids using the Pause Breathe Smile Programme first hand, and it was amazing. It gave me hope that maybe we really could do something to turn the tide.”

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School fundraiser

We will donate $5 to your nominated school for every purchase of the Breathe online course.

We encourage whanau to get involved and learn mindfulness alongside their children by purchasing the Breathe online course.


Seven Sharp: South Auckland School teaches Mindfulness
Seven Sharp: The South Auckland school that teaches children mindfulness

Inhaling & exhaling the art of mindfulness. Why some schools believe it’s just as important as maths.

Pause, Breathe, Smile features on Seven Sharp with the staff and children of Point View School, Auckland.

RNZ: Nigel Latta – We must teach mindfulness to all our kids.
Radio NZ: “We must teach mindfulness to all kids”

After seeing Pause, Breathe, Smile in action at Baverstock Oaks Primary, Nigel Latta is a huge supporter of the programme.

“If there’s one thing I could do it would be to introduce mindfulness into every school in the country. – Nigel Latta“

1 News: Mindfulness tackles mental illness
One News: Youth suicide caused more by modern social pressures than mental illness, study finds

Sir Peter Gluckman report analyses the multiple factors involved in youth suicide and recommends promoting resilience to emotional stress and building self-control skills in early childhood and primary school years. Evidence-based and curriculum aligned, Pause, Breathe, Smile does just this.

“My kids have thrived with the PBS programme! Many of them wrote about it being the highlight of their year. Understanding their emotions, understanding its ok to feel like that and ways to regulate their emotions was what they talked about.”
PBS trained primary school teacher
“Whenever I use mindfulness techniques with children they are always
responsive and keen to participate, which while in hospital can have a real
positive effect on their recovery and wellbeing”
Starship Hospital Play Therapist
“Children are sharing their ideas and opinions with greater confidence.
They are also keen to share their feelings to add to the Te whare tapa Wha
and those listening are doing so mindfully.”
Primary School Teacher
“I have strategies (now) to overcome anxiety”
High School Student

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Pause, Breathe, Smile has been operating in New Zealand schools since 2013, supported by the Mental Health Foundation
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