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can help you feel calmer and more aware


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Mindfulness Education Online Course

This eight-session online course will teach you to let go of tension and stress, focus your attention, and be kinder to yourself and others.

Mindfulness Education PBS Educator Certification

Teach our evidence-based curriculum – give children skills that will help them to flourish now and in the future.

Mindfulness Education PBS Educator Certification

We might be paying attention to a thought, a feeling, physical sensations, other people or the environment around us, but to be mindful means to give the present moment our full attention, without distraction.

Mindfulness Education Practice days and Retreats

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Mindfulness Education Group Membership

Learn about the benefits of becoming a member. Access all the PBS curriculum resources, join the community of mindfulness practitioners and get involved.

Mindfulness Education PBS Educator Certification

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Free Mindfulness Resources

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